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THANGLES are paper template strips for turning same sized straight grain strips

into half square triangles (HST).

For example, if you want a 2" finished HST,

you cut 2 1/2" strips of your two fabrics and use THANGLES

NO more confusing math....no more 7/8" and cutting of odd sizes of fabric

THANGLES make half square triangle construction


Try them today!!!

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THANGLES are easy to use.

Complete illustrated directions come with each package.

You start out by cutting strips of the two fabrics that you want to turn into half square triangles. Usually this is one light fabric and one dark fabric. You will cut the strips 1/2" larger than the desired finished size. (That's right!!! No more 7/8"!!!) For example, if you want 2" finished half square triangles, you will cut your strips to 2 1/2".


Next you layer the strips with the right sides together and pin the THANGLES template to this fabric sandwich. Sew on the dotted sewing lines with a small stitch and then cut on the solid cutting lines. Leave the paper on and PRESS them open. (The paper will stabilize the bias seam during pressing.) Tear away the paper (it is a special paper, so it tears away easily) and you will have PERFECT half square triangles.


Thangles come in these packs
1020438 Minis pack 1/2" and 3/4" finished (1500 total!) Was $5.00
Now $3.50
1020440 1.25" finished makes 600 HST Was $5.00
Now $3.50
1020442 1.75" finished makes 450 HST Was $5.00
Now $3.50
1023688 4.5" finished makes 100 HST Was $5.00
Now $3.50
1023690 5.5" finished makes 100 HST Was $5.00
Now $3.50
1023692 6" finished makes 100 HST Was $5.00
Now $3.50

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The Benefits of THANGLES

Half square triangle (HST) construction is difficult because of the diagonal seam which is sewn where the fabric has the most stretch, on the bias. This seam can stretch out of shape during the sewing and pressing process.

One method of stabilizing this seam is to support the two fabrics with paper. THANGLES are papers which do this AND have the additional benefit of showing you where to sew and cut.

The "add 7/8 inch and cut a square" method of half square triangle construction is well known. Unfortunately, one has to remember the formula and do the math with those pesky 1/8 inches. Also, this method does not lend itself to strip based quilting which is the fastest and easiest method of quilt top construction.

THANGLES are the ONLY EASY STRIP BASED method for making HSTs.

THANGLES math is simple....just add 1/2" to the desired finished size and cut your strips that size. For example, if you want a 1 inch finished HST, you cut 1 1/2" strips and use THANGLES. It is as easy as making squares because you use the same easy math. Add 1/2" to your desired finished size and cut the strips to that width.

The revolutionary nature of THANGLES is easy to see if you consider how it SPEEDS up and SIMPLIFIES the cutting process for a quilt block that is made of squares and half square triangles.

shoo fly block Look at this common block, the shoo fly pattern. It is made of four half square triangles and five squares in two colors, a dark and a light. Let's say you want a 6" finished block. This means that the individual blocks would measure 2" in the finished block.

Cutting the squares is easy, add 1/2" to the finished measurement and cut 2 1/2" strips. With other methods you would have to do the 7/8" calculation (or some other calculation) and cut separate pieces to do the half square triangles. The cutting of the squares and the preparations for the half square triangles are TWO separate steps.

With THANGLES all you do is cut 2 1/2" STRIPS!!! You cut one of the light fabric and one of the dark fabric. You use the same strips to cut the squares AND make the half square triangles.

THANGLES make half square triangle construction EASY, FAST and ACCURATE.

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