Stargazey patterns are colourful and contemporary in look and innovative in technique. The designs are 'crooked' in concept - every block is a little different, none are perfect, all are easy and fun to make! Your machine will be quickly humming with few templates, appliqués or foundations in sight. Most patterns have multiple block sizes too, so that you can make quilts the size and setting you desire. With new packaging, new reduced price and wonderful freshly edited step-by-step booklets, you should be stitching freely, quickly!

Click on the pattern picture or name below to see a large view of the pattern. When viewing the larger image use your browser's back button to return to this page. Please be patient, this page and the large views may take a while to come up. More patterns will be added soon!

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Pencilz: When I was young one of my most precious possessions was my Derwent 64's. A palette of pencils in dazzling array of colour, they were so beautiful as a collection that it seemed a shame to sharpen them.

The Pencilz collection that I offer you is just as covetable. I provide you with the facility to make individual pencilz, then prompt you to work them into a quilt in various ways. I show you how they can be slotted vertically into a square block and how they join beautifully with no gaps to make filled blocks or a long border as I've done here. Laying one pencil over another sets us off in yet another direction. We also have a 'fan' corner setting!

There are three sizes to work with; 6", 8" and 10" Pencilz. Their construction, in the usual Stargazey style of relaxed cutting and stitching is not daunting either.

Product Number - 1024942 Price - Was $8.00 - Now $4.00

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Orangez and Lemonz: The sweet fresh fragrance of citrus fruit fills these blocks. Orangez & Lemonz are derived from the traditional Kaleidoscope block but made much easier, Stargazey Style, with a stack, slice, switch and sew process. Set your worries aside, you need not be a master of precision, the centre points meeting exactly is not a big issue.

Block sizes are 6", 8" & 10". Extra blocks, Lemon Halvez and Orange Quarterz, both follow the same process initially in forming the fruit - their backgrounds though are treated a little differently. As a bonus I also give you instructions for an altered version of the Orange Quarterz, seen set as border units in my sample quilt.

Not inclined towards citrus? Think other fruit, cake, pizza slices, umbrellas, beach balls or simply whacky colour combos to bring this Vitamin C filled block back to its Kaleidoscope origins.

Product Number - 1027126 Price - Was $8.00 - Now $4.00

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Applez: An apple a day keeps the doctor away... An apple for the teacher... Bobbing for apples... Toffee apples... Adam and Eve... Snow White... A fruitful abundance of images abound to make use of this block. Let your imagination loose!

These Applez all have a mandatory stalk but then you have the choice of adding one or two leavez to give your applez that fresh picked look. Piecing is easy with no matching of points and no perfect quarter inch seams necessary within the block.

Applez come in various colours, red, green and golden, but it would be easy to change the colours and the pattern name by simply thinking of the neighbours in the fruit bowl. Anyone for Plumz or Peachez?

Product Number - 1029009 Price - Was $11.00 - Now $5.50

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Appliquez Baltimore Seriez #2: Circlez and Squigglez: Appliquez patterns are designed to help you create your own designs quickly and easily with minimum of fuss. Their template sheet full of hand drawn shapes in a variety of sizes combine in an amazing number of ways. How to use them is left to you.

Shapes included in Baltimore #2 include snakey squigglez, circular squigglez, leavez, large circlez, circlez on stickz and branchez.

Instructions are included for the quilt seen here and a funky appliqued and edged cushion.

Product Number - 1029010 Price - Was $11.00 - Now $5.50

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Glovez and Specz: Gardening glovez, White glovez, formal glovez. Specz with eye spy fabrics or Sunglassez for a beach quilt. Dark glasses and glovez for the Diva in you.

Two blocks, two sizes, two new ways to accessorize your quilts! In usual Stargazey style these blocks are different but not difficult. No templates, no perfect seams, just a little bit of playful tweaking from block to block to make you the designing diva.

Glovez & Specz blocks will also tie in beautifully with other popular Stargazey patterns - Hatz, Handbagz and Shoez. They will make great borders and blocks for other theme quilts... hands with a heart block...the hand of friendship... or blocks for a quirky friendship or autograph quilt?

Product Number - 1031147 Price - Was $6.00 - Now $3.00

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