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Click for a larger image of the GRABBIT
GRABBIT Magnetic Pincushion:

No more picking up spilled pins one by one - sweep them up with your GRABBIT.

No more stopping work to push pins into a cloth cushion - drop them onto your GRABBIT.

No more shaking, tipping, fumbling for pins - they're right there, ready on your GRABBIT.

Product #1003444 Cost: $13.95

Click for a larger image of the Wrist GRABBIT
Wrist GRABBIT Wearable Magnetic Pincushion:
  • Easy snap-close buckle
  • Adjustable strap for perfect fit
  • Powerful magnet lines up pins
  • Position platform anywhere along strap
  • Durable construction - Lifetime guarantee

Product #1012095 Cost: $11.49

Green Zirkel
Pink Zirkel
Turquoise Zirkel
Red Zirkel
Zirkel Magnetic Pin Holder:

Magnetic Holder that repels & separates items to the edge in a fanned out pattern placing them in a ready to pick up position. Functional as it is fun! Weight allows it to also be used as a paper weight! Any metal items can now be organized!

Color Green Product #1046888 Cost: $19.99

Color Pink Product #1046399 Cost: $19.99

Color Turquoise Product #1046400 Cost: $19.99

Color Red Product #1045608 Cost: $19.99

Click for a larger image of the Pin 'n Stow
Pin 'n Stow by Nancy Zieman:
  • It's magnetic!
  • Easily attaches to your wrist with a "slap".
  • Great for patchwork, quilting and sewing.
  • Securely catches pins when dropped above the magnet.
  • Center groove makes picking up pins easy.
  • Easily picks up pins dropped on the floor or on fabric.

Product #1044903 Cost: $14.99

Click for a larger image of the Magnet Pin Caddy
Magnet Pin Caddy:
Gather and store pins safely. Easy grasp large head & sharp finish. Caddy cover is included for safe keeping.

Product #1047741 Cost: $20.00

Click for a larger image of the Create-a-Pincushion
Click for a larger image of the Create-a-Pincushion
  • Easily create your own, one-of-a-kind, personalized pincushion with your favorite fabric or with any other handcrafted work, like embroidery or patchwork.
  • If the needles get stuck inside the pincushion, you can remove them just by taking the pincushion's pieces apart.
  • Comes in Ivory and Brown.

Color Ivory Product #1046084 Cost: $8.99

Color Brown Product #1046085 Cost: $8.99

Click for a larger image of the Mannequin Pin Cushion
Mannequin Pin Cushion: Tailor printed fabric pin cushion is an adorable embellishment to any sewing area. Polyfoam filling, vintage style resin base. Size 16" tall including base.

Product #1045622 Cost: $13.99

Click for a larger image of The Velvet Strawberry Pincushions Velvet Tomato Pincushion: The velvet tomato is made of 100% cotton velvet.
Product #1024274 Cost: $2.00

Magnetic Pin Wand
Magnetic Pin Wand: Stylish Design and Powerful Magnet combine to give you a safe and easy way to pick up small metal objects. Perfect for pins, needles, tacks, paper clips, nails, screws, and more.

Product #1037318 Cost: $5.99

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