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Moving Beyond Perfect!

New Warm & Natural needled cotton quilt batting combines all those things you love with some added features that are bound to become your favorite. We didn't change any of the ingredients, just how we put them all together. Taking full advantage of the latest in technology, Warm & Natural is now beyond perfect. You will appreciate the difference immediately.

You'll love it more than ever before!

Warm & Natural cotton batting is needlepunched to give your quilt the texture you love without glues or resins. Our new sophisticated cleaning process is able to remove even more unwanted cotton leaves and steams. The neps are virtually eliminated from the quilt batting with this advanced needlepunch technology. Neps are minuscule tangles of fiber that are bothersome to hand quilters and dull your needle. This same technique allows for a better distribution of cotton for the uniformity you want in your finished project. You will fall in love all over again with Warm & Natural. Maybe the best news is that you get all of these improvements for the same reasonable price.

The Same Unbeatable Standards!

cotton quilt batting model
  • Will not separate or bunch
  • Contains no glue or resins
  • Quilts up to 10" between rows
  • Will not beard
  • Fabric naturally clings to batting
  • Gives an antique look
  • Now easier to hand quilt
  • Makes an unique exterior fabric
  • Gives character to soft sculpture dolls
  • Dyes easily
  • Keeps its shape wash after wash
  • Ideal for any creative project

Warm & Natural is the best it's ever been!

Yes, you can believe your eyes! The nation's leading cotton quilt batting is now better than ever. We've managed to improve on the best and we're grinning from ear to ear. It is easy to see why once you take a look for yourself.

  • Our new ultra-cleaning process extracts a greater percentage of leaves and stems. Virtually unblemished, Warm & Natural batting looks its Sunday best.
  • Our newly refined needlepunch technique better distributes the cotton on both sides of the scrim.
  • Tiny tangles called neps, which once led to dull needles, are nearly eliminated.
  • Warm & Natural needled cotton still uses no chemicals, glues, or resins, so you know that it is gentle enough for even the youngest child.

Quite a list, especially when you consider how great Warm & Natural cotton quilt batting was to begin with! Strong, durable, unbeatably soft, bright, balanced, clean, and 100% guaranteed. Improved Warm & Natural is as exceptional as it sounds. You are going to love it!

Perfect for all your creative projects!

You can see and feel the difference Warm & Natural adds to your artistry. Create magnificent quilts, decorative wall hangings, and wonderful wearable art. The batting's durability and versatility also makes it ideal for an exterior craft fabric. Use Warm & Natural cotton batting to add character to your soft sculpture creations. Try dying, tea and coffee staining, and even painting Warm & Natural to give an antique appearance, add vibrant color or give a unique texture to your dolls.

How is it made?

100% cotton fibers are punched with hundreds of needles into a strong, thin base material to prevent tearing, shifting or migration. The needling process holds the fibers together without glue or resins. The evenly layered fibers stay in place inside your quilt even with generations of washings.

Care instructions:

The soft, natural cotton goes through a gentle mechanical cleaning to pick out cotton plant and seed remnants. The tiny plant particles that remain lend a special look to crafts when used as an exterior fabric and will not damage your fabric when used in your quilt. Shrinkage will be about 3% with your first washing. Many quilters prefer not to pre-wash to achieve the unique effect created by the slight shrinkage of the batting when the completed quilt is washed. Please follow these directions if you wish to pre-wash your batt:

  1. Hand wash in a basin or tub with a mild detergent. Do not agitate or spin in your washing machine.
  2. Soak for 20 minutes, then rinse several times.
  3. Squeeze water out. Rolling in a towel will help to remove excess water.
  4. Dry in a cool or warm dryer or allow to dry flat.

Once quilted Warm & Natural cotton batting can be machine washed again and again without fear of separation or bunching.

How is it available?

Warm & Natural is available in the following cut sizes:

cotton quilt batting products
  • King Size 124" x 120"
  • Queen Size 90" x 108"
  • Full Size 84" x 96"
  • Twin Size 72" x 90"
  • Craft Size 34" x 45"

Product #1024811 Craft size 34" x 45" $4.99

Product #1023434 Twin size 72" x 90" $24.99

Product #1023433 Double size 90" x 96" $32.99

Product #1023432 Queen size 90" x 108" $32.00

Product #1023431 King size 124" x 120" $50.99

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