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The reason for using backing is to stabilize the design you are sewing on the garment. This is the foundation of your design. We all know that if we don't have a good foundation in any walk of life or project, the whole thing will come out wrong. If you build a skyscraper, you better have a good foundation. This also applies to a large stitch count. The more stitches your design has, the more backing you will need. If you only have a light weight backing, use several layers of backing. Four is not too many. You will have to use some common sense judgment on this. Sometimes multiple layers of backing is better than using one layer of a heavier backing.

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Stabilizer 101 Stabilizer 101: At last there is a quick reference booklet that takes the mystery out of stabilizer use. OESD created a superlative "at a glance" chart that quickly identifies stabilizer use according to fabric and design type. This booklet is well worth the modest cost for you to be assured of stunning embroidery results.

Product #1036541 Cost: $3.00


Use OESD's Cut-Away stabilizers whenever fabric to be embroidered has stretch to it, including knits of any kind, fabrics that are loosely woven, and fabrics that stretch such as denim. (Jeans stretch, therefore, denim needs Cut-Away.) Different weights of OESD Cut-Away are provided for different weights of fabrics and types of designs. OESD Cut-Away will hold many stitches compared to Tear-Away, therefore, if a design is dense, Cut-Away may be used on woven fabrics, too. As the name suggests, after embroidering the excess must be cut away.

Heavy Weight Cut-Away
Heavy Weight Cut-Away
Heavyweight cut-away is the top selling weight for commercial embroiderers. Cut-away will stabilize thousands of stitches and still maintain a soft drapable finish. A must for all fabrics that stretch such as knits and sweatshirt fabric.
Item No. Description Price Order
1016217 Heavy Weight Cut-Away 10" x 10 Yards - White $14.99
1016272 Heavy Weight Cut-Away 10" x 10 Yards -Black $19.94
1037199 Heavy Weight Cut-Away 20" x 10 Yards - White $20.99

Medium Weight Cut-Away
  • Use with most light to medium weight fabrics
  • Low to medium stitch count
  • Will not stretch in any direction
  • 10" x 10 yards - 2.0 oz
Item No. Description Price Order
1038826 Medium Weight Cut-Away 10" x 10 Yards - White $13.95

PolyMesh Cut-Away
PolyMesh Cut-Away
Poly Mesh helps control stabilizer show-through behind light colored fabrics. It stabilizes embroidery stitches yet remains soft next to the skin. Use as you would any cut-away stabilizer. Remove by cutting away excess. Hoop one or two pieces with your garment depending on the density of your design, the more stitches you have, the more stabilizer you will need.
Item No. Description Price Order
1016221 PolyMesh 10" x 10 yards - White $14.99
1037301 PolyMesh 10" x 10 yards - Black $21.95
1037198 PolyMesh 20" x 10 Yards - White $26.00

Fusible PolyMesh Cut-Away
Fusible PolyMesh Cut-Away
  • Lightweight cut-away stabilizer with fusible adhesive.
  • Prevents stabilizer show through.
  • Great for baby garments.
  • Use against sensitive skin to avoid skin irritation.
  • 10" by 10 yards
Item No. Description Price Order
1038394 Fusible PolyMesh Cut-Away 10" by 10 yards $23.00

Stabil-Stick Cut-Away
StabilStick Cut-Away
The perfect use for Stabil-Stick Cut-Away is for large designs that require multiple hoopings. The previously sewn section can easily be placed exactly where it needs to be without risking any shifting. Stabil-Stick Cut-Away is also perfect for knits that cannot be hooped.
Item No. Description Price Order
1036263 StabilStick Cut-Away 10" x 10 Yards - White $39.99

FiberForm Heavy Weight Cut-Away
Fiber Form Cut-Away
Use FiberForm for a variety of sewing and crafting projects. This firm interfacing is perfect for fabric boxes and bowls, hat brims, or any other project that needs a firm supportive base. FiberForm holds its shape well, yet is easy to manipulate and is easily machine stitched. It can be effortlessly trimmed with scissors or a rotary cutter.
Item No. Description Price Order
1033458 FiberForm Heavy Weight Cut-Away 18" x 22" $6.99

Top Cover Cut-Away
Top Cover Cut-Away
  • Prevents show through on contrasting embroidery
  • Great for fleece and textured fabrics
  • Includes 5 White, 5 Black and 4 Ivory Sheets
  • 8" x 9" Cut Pieces
Item No. Description Price Order
1035587 Top Cover Cut-Away 8" x 9" 14 Sheets $11.99

Appliqué Fuse & Fix Cut-Away
Applique Fuse and Fix Cut-Away
  • Use with designs containing appliqué pieces.
  • One side is sticky, the other is fusible, making appliqué a breeze.
  • Can be stitched through and will not gum up the needle.
  • Does not leave appliqué feeling overly stiff.
  • Contains more than 4 yards
  • 10" by 8" cut pieces (20 sheets)
Item No. Description Price Order
1035588 Appliqué Fuse & Fix Cut-Away 10" by 8" 20 sheets $10.25

Fuse & Fleece Cut-Away
  • Lightweight Fusible Fleece
  • Creates loft in embroidered items
  • Use in layers to create more loft
  • 10" x 5 yards
Item No. Description Price Order
1039156 Fuse & Fleece Cut-Away 10" by 5 yards $12.99
1040629 Fuse & Fleece Cut-Away 15" by 5 yards $17.99

Gentle Touch Cut-Away
Gentle Touch Cut-Away
  • For backing on embroidery that may be abrasive to sensitive skin
  • For covering uncomfortable seams
  • 10" by 5 yards
Item No. Description Price Order
1040490 Gentle Touch Cut-Away 10" by 5 yards $14.95

Fusible Woven Cut-Away
Fusible Woven Cut-Away
OESD Fusible Woven Embroidery Lining. Lightweight woven fabric with all over fusible. Adds body to light and medium weight fabrics. Helps to prevent fabric puckering. Ideal for large embroidery designs or multi-hooped projects. Use in combination with tear away or cut away stabilizer.
Item No. Description Price Order
1046703 Fusible Woven Cut-Away 5" x 15 Yards $19.95
1046702 Fusible Woven Cut-Away 20" x 25 Yards $24.95

Tear Away

Tear-Away is suitable for stable fabrics that have no stretch. Use Tear-Away on tightly woven fabrics such as quilt fabrics, poly/cotton fabrics, canvas, and duck cloth. It can also be used on vinyl and leather. As the name implies, Tear-Away can be torn away after the embroidery is completed. While holding the embroidered part of the fabric, gently tear "away" from the stitches. Do not tear "into" the stitches. All of OESD's Tear-Aways have a non-directional tear, meaning they will tear easily into any direction. This alleviates the need for criss-crossing when using multiple layers.

Stabil-Stick Tear-Away
StabilStick Tear-Away
Stabil-Stick Tear-Away has the same pressure sensitive adhesive as the Stabil-Stick Cut-Away. It can be used for stable fabrics that cannot be hooped such as towels, bags, collar points, cuffs, etc.
Item No. Description Price Order
1035583 Stabil-Stick Tear-Away 10" x 10 Yards - White $27.99

Stabil-Stick Template Sheets
StabilStick Template Sheets
  • Easily line up continuous designs for quilting and borders
  • Use template sheets to preview design placement
  • Sheets are reusable and repositionable
  • Template stays put until moved
  • Translucent for precise placement of design on fabric, quilt or lining up with other embroidery
  • No residue left on fabric
  • Perfect for multi-hooping projects
  • Print on ink jet or laser printer
  • 8.5" by 11" cut pieces (25 sheets)
Item No. Description Price Order
1048178 Stabil-Stick Template Sheets 8.5" x 11" 25 SheetsNew $25.99

Ultra Clean and Tear
Ultra Clean and Tear
Ultra Clean and Tear is the perfect weight for embroidering on 100% Cotton Quilting fabric for creating embroidered quilts that can be passed on to friends and family. Cut sheets of Ultra Clean and Tear can be used in a printer for foundation piecing. Ultra Clean and Tear is a medium weight stabilizer that can be easily torn away, producing a beautiful embroidery design and maintaining a soft feel. After the embroidered project is washed, Ultra Clean and Tear will eventually disintegrate.
Item No. Description Price Order
1024723 Ultra Clean and Tear 10" x 10 Yards - White $11.99
1035582 Ultra Clean and Tear 15" x 10 Yards - White $19.99

Ultra Clean and Tear Plus
Ultra Clean and Tear
  • A high quality medium weight tear-away, wash-away stabilizer with a water soluble adhesive coating
  • Use on hard-to-hoop items such as collars, napkin corners and towels
  • Use on tightly woven and slippery fabrics that do not stretch
  • Ideal for projects that require multiple hoopings
  • Easily removed without distorting even the most delicate stitches
Item No. Description Price Order
1048177 Ultra Clean and Tear 15" x 10 Yards - White New $49.99

Heavyweight Tear-Away
Heavyweight Tear-Away
Easily supports stitch-intensive designs on woven, no-stretch fabrics. The stiff, crisp texture gives extra support when embroidering softer fabrics. Ideal for designs with large open areas in the center of the design. Tears away easily.
Item No. Description Price Order
1045427 Heavyweight Tear-Away 15" x 10 Yards - White $19.99

Lightweight Tear-Away
Lightweight Tear-Away
Suitable for tightly woven, stable fabrics that have no stretch. Use on lightweight fabrics to stabilize low stitch count embroidery designs. Easy to remove, and a great choice for paper piecing quilt blocks.
Item No. Description Price Order
1046648 Lightweight Tear-Away 15" x 10 Yards - White $10.99

Expert Embroidery Tear-Away Tape
Tear-Away Tape
Use this easy-to-tear tape to temporarily hold your fabrics in place while doing in-the-hoop embroidery projects. Measures 0.75" wide x 10 yards. 2 rolls per pack
Item No. Description Price Order
1048174 Tear-Away Tape 0.75" x 10 YardsNew $4.99

Water Soluble (Wash-Away)

As the name implies, these stabilizers wash away from the fabric. Use OESD Wash-Away any time there is a need for the stabilizer to be completely removed from the embroidered item. Wash-Aways can be used for cutwork, stand-alone lace and reverse applique. The most common use of a wash-away topping is to keep the stitches from sinking into the fabric and to prevent any loops of the fabric from poking through the embroidery. Use OESD Wash-Away topping on napped fabrics like corduroy, velvet, fleece and polar fleece. It is a must for towels and terry cloth or velour items. The heavier OESD Wash-Aways are used for lace and projects from with the stabilizer must be removed completely.

AquaFilm Backing
AquaFilm Backing
AquaFilm Backing is used to stabilize light weight fabrics. If used in several layers it can be used for stand alone items, such as lace. Use this product to stabilize fine fabrics such as batiste so no evidence of stabilizer is left in the fabric. For Removal Methods, see Topping.
Item No. Description Price Order
1016223 AquaFilm Backing 8" x 10 Yards - Clear $15.99

AquaFilm Topping
AquaFilm Topping
AquaFilm Topping is a light weight wash-away. It is not used for stabilization, but instead is put on top of the area to be embroidered. It does not need to be hooped with the fabric. To use AquaFilm Topping, lay it on top of the area to be embroidered. Either tape down the corners or moisten your finger and touch the corner and press it to the fabric. To remove AquaFilm after embroidering, gently hold the stitched area and tear most of the topping away. The remainder can be washed, sprayed, or dabbed away with a towel or cotton swab. You can also lay a towel over the top and gently steam it away.
Item No. Description Price Order
1016225 AquaFilm Topping 4" x 20 Yards - Clear $12.99
1024085 AquaFilm Topping 8" x 10 Yards - Clear $15.99

BadgeMaster is three times the weight of AquaFilm backing. It is used for stand-alone lace or for embroidered items in which only the thread should remain. BadgeMaster can be washed away under running water or the item can be placed in a sink of warm water to soak. Many times, BadgeMaster is not washed out completely in order to give a stiff effect to stand-alone laces. If a softer result in desired, allow the item to soak for a longer period. BadgeMaster also makes a great backing stabilizer for projects in which there can be no show-through.
Item No. Description Price Order
1029890 BadgeMaster 12" x 8 Yards $32.99

AquaMesh can be used for many of the same applications as BadgeMaster. AquaMesh stabilizer looks and feels more like a standard mesh-type stabilizer but can be washed away in running water, making it easy to create stand alone lace designs in no time! Use AquaMesh for any project in which no stabilizer should remain. AquaMesh works well on heavier fabrics than AquaFilm backing and is easier to hoop than Aquafilm or Badgemaster.
Item No. Description Price Order
1024717 AquaMesh 10" x 10 Yards - White $18.99
1048180 AquaMesh 15" x 10 Yards - White New $26.99
1037200 AquaMesh 20" x 10 Yards - White $31.99

AquaMesh Plus
AquaMesh Plus
AquaMesh Plus is the same great product as AquaMesh but is backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive. It washes away with water. Use it to embroider on items that cannot be hooped. AquaMesh Plus is great for sheer, slippery fabrics like chiffon, or for quilts and quilting designs. It is also great for projects that require multihooping.
Item No. Description Price Order
1035821 AquaMesh Plus 10" x 5 Yards $34.25
1037201 AquaMesh Plus 20" x 5 Yards $45.99

OESD StitcH2O Water Soluble Embroidery Topping. Will not stick to embroidery foot. Textured finish of ease of handling. Excess tears away easily. Remove any remnants by dabbing with water.
Item No. Description Price Order
1046705 StitcH2O 8" x 10 Yards $12.99
1046704 StitcH2O 12" x 10 Yards $15.95

Expert Embroidery Wash-Away Tape
Wash-Away Tape
Use this wash-away tape to temporarily hold your fabrics in place while doing in-the-hoop embroidery projects. No need to worry about getting tape trapped in your project - the tape can be easily removed with water. Measures 0.75" wide x 8 yards. 1 roll per pack.
Item No. Description Price Order
1048175 Wash-Away Tape 0.75" x 8 YardsNew $4.99

OESD Machine Embroidery Starter Kit
thread box
Everything you need to get started is here! This kit includes:
  • OESD Stabilizers
    • WashAway (1)
    • CutAway (1)
    • TearAway (1)
  • 505 Spray Adhesive (1)
  • Organ Sharps 80/12 (1)
  • Thread - Isacord thread in a custom storage tin (12)
  • Stabilizer 101 Brochure (1)
  • Isacord Printed Thread Chart (1)

Product #1040220 Price $139.95


  • A medium weight clear film that can be used as a topper or stabilizer for specialty applications
  • Easily removed without distorting even delicate stitches
  • The perfect topping for moisture sensitive fabrics
  • A permanent solution to hold lofty fabric fibers in place under embroidery, such as towels, corduroy, velvet, wool, and fleece
  • For use on all fabrics that can tolerate ironing temperatures between 260°-300°F (120°-140°C) or cotton setting on most irons
Item No. Description Price Order
1048192 Heat2Go 12" x 10 Yards - WhiteNew $12.99


Tear-Easy Tear-Easy: Soft, Lightweight, Tear-Away Stabilizer. Provides great stability combined with effortless removal that doesn't pull, tear or distort stitches. Professional embroiders use one, two or three layers of Sulky Tear-Easy to stabilize virtually any fabric. Each layer is then easily torn away separately to prevent the pulling, tearing or distorting of stitches that can occur when tearing away a single layer of a thicker heavier stabilizer.

Size 20" x 36" Color White Weight Light
Product #1010910 Cost: $2.49

Soft n Sheer Soft'n Sheer: Cut-Away Permanent Stabilizer. Lightweight, textured, non-woven nylon that is ultra soft next to your skin. Provides great permanent stability to stitch on lightweight knits and woven fabrics. Excellent stretch resistance eliminates pulling or sagging of the embroidery design during stitching and remains with fabric for continued stabilization through laundering and wearing.

Size 20" x 36" Color Black
Product #1041174 Cost: $3.29

Size 20" x 36" Color White
Product #1041177 Cost: $2.99

Heat-Away Heat-Away Clear Film: Heat Removable Topper or Stabilizer. Traceable, stitching, medium weight clear film that can be used as a design template or disappearing support. Works well on most fabric types. A great alternative to using a cut-away or tear-away stabilizer when you do not want residue left on the fabric. Not recommended for high pile fabrics like terry cloth and fleece as it can get trapped in loops and cause sticking. Removes easily with a dry iron.

Size 19.75" x 36" Color Clear
Product #1041170 Cost: $2.19

Click for a larger view.
Sew, Craft, Quilt and Embroider Confidently with Sulky Stabilizers by Joyce Drexler.

Projects Galore:
  • 3-D Appliqué
  • Unique Pillows
  • Appliquéd Apron
  • Thread Painting
  • Quilted Aspen
  • Appliquéd Sweatshirts
  • Embroidered Overshirts
  • Corded Crafts
  • Multi-Media Crafts
  • Fabric/Paper Collage
  • Thread Lace Scarves
  • Stabilizer Roll Holder
  • And many, many more
Bonus CD with:
  • 6 Bonus Projects
  • Patterns for Projects
  • Fabulous Food Recipes from "Sewing Stars"
Table of Contents Page 1.
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Product #1041178 Cost: $29.95


In-R-Form Plus
In-R-Form Unique Single Sided Fusible Foam Stabilizer Heart/Leaf by Bosal: Single sided fusible laminated to napped tricot. Soft and formable, easy to stitch, and needle friendly. Contains 8 sheets, 5" x 8".

Product #1046716 Cost: $12.75

In-R-Form Plus
In-R-Form Plus Unique Fusible Foam Stabilizer by Bosal: Double sided fusible, laminate Stabilizer. Laminated on both sides with Tricot Fusible. Soft and formable, easy to iron, needle friendly and easy to stitch. Ideal for handbags and totes. Measures 18" x 58".

Product #1046283 Cost: $10.99

Lite Steam-a-Seam 2
Lite Steam-a-Seam 2: Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick has a pressure sensitive adhesive that allows for a temporary hold to both the appliqué material and the background material. There is no pressing until your entire appliqué is in place. Once fused, can be machine washed and dried or dry-clean. (The manufacturer does not recommend drying with a dryer sheet.) Bond is strong and permanent. Will not gum up your needle. The Lite Steam-A-Seam is 1/2 the weight of the regular version. Ideal for sheer & lightweight fabrics plus delicate ribbons, trim and lace. Double stick iron-on fabric fusing web. Use for appliqué; will not gum the needle.

Measures 18" wide.

Product #1045663 Cost: $6.99/yd

InnFuse Fusible Craft Film by Innovative Crafts: Ideal for appliqué, patches, crafts, scrapbooking, and much more... Tacky adhesive on both sides allows you to temporarily position and reposition your design during layout. Bonds permanently when ironed. Bond it to wood, fabric, paper, ribbon, & more!

Five sheets, 9" x 12" each.

Product #1043790 Cost: $6.99

Ultra-Light Lutradur by C&T: For fiber arts, mixed media and more! So many ways to play with Lutradur - try them all! Cut, sew, paint, stamp, dye, distress, collage, and sculpt.

  • Revolutionary new material for sewing, crafting, and mixed media arts
  • Spun polyester fibers add beautifully sheer texture to your work
  • Flexible two-yard length is perfect for large or dimensional projects

Size 20" x 2 yds. Color White
Product #1041573 Cost: $11.95

Soft and Stable
ByAnnie's Soft and Stable:
  • Superior to Battings and Other Stabilizers
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Easy to Sew
  • Great Lasting Body and Stability
  • Lightweight
  • Maintains Shape
  • Gives a Professional Finish to Your Project
  • Washer and Dryer Safe
  • 100% Polyester

Size 36" x 58" Color White
Product #1042728 Cost: $22.75

Pellon Shape-Flex All-Purpose Woven Fusible Interfacing:

Provides crisp support for collars, cuffs, yokes, pockets, facings and other detail areas of a garment. Adds body and permanent stability when used as a backing for needlework and punch embroidery.

For light to medium woven and knit fabrics, including oxford cloth, chambray, gingham, madras, tattersall, pincord, flannel, and polyester/cotton blends. 100% Cotton, 20" Wide.

Color White
Product #1042708 Cost: $5.00/yd

Heat-n-Bond Feather Lite Fusible:

A paper backed sheet of solid feather lite, heat activated adhesive. Its low temperature and short pressing time allows for a wider range of materials. Once applied, it can be sewn through, making it ideal for appliqués, quilts and other sewable feather lite craft projects.

Size 17"
Product #1042953 Cost: $2.18/yd


The multi-use tape for every need. A double-sided clear adhesive tape that clings to fabric, paper, and leather and leaves no residue. No sewing, ironing, or pins needed. 180 inches long and 3/4 inch wide.

Size 17"
Product #1003424 Cost: $4.75

Terial Magic
Terial Magic:

Treating fabrics with Terial Magic allows fabrics to hold shapes and not fray when cut, sewn or ironed. Think of a fabric with paper like qualities that you can cut, sew, iron gather and shape into art or whatever you want to do. It irons beautifully!! Terial Magic lasts, but is water soluble and can be washed out if desired. For more permanence and water resistance, you can apply a clear matte acrylic spray finish. Other uses include appliqué quilting, printing directly onto fabric in your printer, cutting treated fabric in your electronic paper cutter. 24 oz. spray bottle.

Product #1043802 Cost: $14.95

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